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The inevitable part of life- change. It's the one thing we can count on. Even when you work the same job, live in the same house and remain in the same family unit, things change. We grow older, we get tired, our kids graduate, the house needs a new roof, you need new clothes, or your health needs change. We must learn to adapt and adjust or we become stagnant in our spirits and our minds.

Change can be good and it can be bad. It can hurt, we lose loved ones to death, sometimes we lose them while they are still alive due to disagreements. However, what defines us, is how we react. I can confess I have not always reacted in the best way possible, but I believe we can overcome, we can find peace with the changes that can seem difficult or impossible to deal with. And yes, time heals. You may still feel pain over a sad change, but given time the pain will not be as sharp.

So give yourself time. Sit and meditate in a quiet space for 15 minutes a day. Let your thoughts flow freely and as they land, acknowledge them and watch them fly away. Let your heart be at peace and know that you will be okay.

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