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Here we go again?

Do you believe in reincarnation? Many people around the world do, often believing in different religions or philosophies. Throughout my studies within the spiritual community, I have learned that we are reincarnated spirits and we have had multiple lives, often with the same family members we are connected to in this life. What would be the purpose of such reoccurring experiences? It might be that we have lessons to learn from that person, or we have loved them so deeply, we want to remain connected. Most often, we reincarnate to make spiritual progression. I believe we are here on this earth plane to help each other and to strive for the higher good. Therefore, each time we return, we are reaching for that next level of spiritual development and we do that by helping others and ourselves. So spread your wings, expand your spirit and follow you heart! (Pretty smarmy, I know). But it's all true!! Use your time here and now to make a difference.

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