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Does Your Face Hurt?

As I was reading an article this Sunday morning, when I looked up from the page, I noticed my face felt tense, like my muscles were all tight and taut. So I closed my eyes and consciously relaxed the muscles around my eyes, my jaw, and even around my ears. I found it interesting that the muscles around my face and head were so tense and I wondered if that happens often and I don't notice? Many of us humans, especially in the U.S. and more advanced countries, are walking around, living our lives, and are all uptight and don't even recognize it, because we are out of touch with our own bodies, thoughts and feelings. We spend all day worrying about money, climate change, politics, the future, our families..... so many things to worry about!!!

I invite you to take a few moments. Sit quietly, with your eyes closed, breathe deeply and intentionally relax those face and head muscles. Let the worries of the world escape for those few minutes. Think about what your body and muscles are feeling and let those pains and fears wash away. You might find in that brief time, that your perspective is renewed and you can see again.

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